Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Convict Conditioning

This is rapidly becoming my favorite book. A lot of people are getting torqued out about the title.
Grow up.
I've studied body weight training and implemented it in my own training for a long time, but never like this. The bottom line is I've never seen anyone lay it out like Paul Wade has and really have the experiences to back it up. 100 pistols in a row? Seriously?
Paul basically says this program was instrumental in him surviving in prison. I don't train for martial arts or anything like that, but it is foremost in my mind that my strength translate should I ever need it to defend myself or my family. So Paul talking about using the methods described in this book to protect himself in the penitentiary really caught my eye.
It's rare that I read a book the way I am reading this one, absorbing every piece of information. It has made a long time goal of mine, the one handed chin, seem much more within reach. In a few days it has changed the way I train.
Not only does Paul have the experience and the know how to back this up, he is obviously very intelligent and has a solid grasp of the mechanics of the human body.
In my opinion the combination of Convict Conditioning and Naked Warrior is a complete atheltic program for anyone who wants to build unreal strength. It can be combined with your current program or used as a stand alone program.
What did Paul Wade go to prison for? Don't know. Do I care? Nope. If you're not going to buy this book because an ex-con wrote it that's fine by me. I like being stronger than 99% of the people I meet. No complaints here.


  1. Well put Jordan. All the ethic and moral charlatans were really starting to chap my ass, especially making judgments without knowing Paul's entire story, then acting as if his personal business was somehow an entitlement of theirs. Let em' whine, we'll be busy getting comic book strong.

  2. I love this book, as I said in the review. it is an instant classic.

  3. Hello Jordan. I've been reading your blog a while now. I love your attitude and your knowledge is clearly way, way deep. You are a serious expert in several areas.

    So I'm interested in what you are saying about this new prison training book. I am thinking about getting it. What's so weird is that it's taken a lot of abuse on the Dragondoor website, but all from average guys who haven't read it yet. All the real experts--like you, mark and Adam--have praised this book up to the hilt. Even famous guys like Loren C. not affiliated with RKC. I'm gonna order the book, thank you so muc for your help!


  4. Hey Jordan!

    Mark did NOT want to like this book.....but as you can see on the back cover, Mark wrote a enthusiastic review! Although you mentioned buying this book as a consideration, I'm glad he finally beat you to something..... and treated you to a copy of this book first, lol!

  5. Hey Jordan- Ordered the book and was hoping to hear UPS pull up to deliver today. :|

    Probably get it tomorrow. I can't wait.

    Would love to hit 3+ OAOLPU's both right and left. I also have a "secret" goal that I don't really talk about of a one arm pullup. 5 counter-balance free pistols each side would be amazing.

    I'm hoping the progressions deliver. I'm willing to put in the hard work.

  6. Great book! We are fooled into believing we are strong and in good shape until we try something like Convict Conditioning. Anyone who has a problem with the name of the book or the person who wrote it needs some serious help. You have to give Paul credit for taking the good stuff he learned through a bad situation and turining his life into something positive. How many folks were in the same situation as Paul and did nothing to turn their lifearound and at the same time find a way to help others in the process...not nearly enough.