Saturday, December 26, 2009

A narrow focus, better pistols, and better function.

I've taken the time to identify what caused problems for me in 2009 as far as my training goes. I can't assign blame to having too many goals, but I can say I lacked organization of those goals. So this year I have a more narrow focus. Partly to prep for the April TSC as I already told Chris Gaines RKC I would enter the elite division if he did and I have RKC II coming up. So focusing on my Beast Tamer Goals and my 32 kg. snatching is the way to go. Everything else goes by the wayside until I make marked progress there.
My FMS and Z-Health work has paid off big dividends. Today I hit 8 singles (both legs) with pistols on the 32 kg. A big improvement from all the problems I've had in the past.
I know my nutrition has also been a problem. I generally eat pretty well, but it could be better, and again more regimented. I've been doing a lot of research on nutrition. Lots of conflicting information, but also lots of common threads.

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  1. Best way I get organized is writing it down then thinking about it more in-depth.

    And nice improvement on the pistols, congrats.