Thursday, October 30, 2008

Double Kettlebell Get Ups


I dig these and I think I'll start working more on them. My grip was smoked after just one. The trick is to not just stack the bells one on top of the other. If you do so you're basically just doing a stacked get up, like a stacked press. Let the handles slide in different directions, dropping the bells side to side. This way you have to crush grip the handles together to stabilize it, and if you let up for even a second you'll know it, because you'll have a face full of kettlebell.
This is potentially dangerous, so if you attempt it observe proper safety precautions and start light.


  1. Hello Jordan,
    I very much enjoy reading your blog, great stuff. Just a quick query about your rear leg in the get have your instep and heel grounded like that looks murderous on the knee. Is this just a natural movement for you? Thanks. Kit

  2. Hi Kit, thanks. Good call on the right foot. Mine is externally rotated so that has become a natural movement for me and I have sort of adapted to it. I'm working on correcting it, but it is a slow process.

  3. Hi Jordan, thanks for the reply. More of an observation on my part than a criticism. Youre much further down the path than me!All the best, Kit.

  4. I appreciate the observation. Sometimes I forget I'm doing this stuff. :)