Sunday, November 15, 2009

A better 36 kg. press and re-aligned thinking

Mark Reifkind very correctly pointed out that the manner in which I was cocking my hip prior to my 36 kg. press was helping me drive it up, and effectively negating it being a strict military press. With this in mind I went for it again.

I found that doing it this way was actually easier. I just have to get my mind right about committing myself to grinding the press out.
I've had a bad habit in the past of not thinking of the 28 kg. and 36 kg. bells as 'real weights', which is silly. I wasn't really that thrilled about pressing the 36 because I'm so narrowly focused on the 40 kg., but that again is silly. Pressing 36 kg. at 170 pounds is no joke.
For the moment I've dropped back to the 28 kg. for Rite of Passage because my left shoulder was getting tweakey. I think part of it was a sloppy pressing pattern from that hip drive. I can bang out presses on my right with the 32 no problem, but every single one on the left is a struggle. I need to give my left some time to catch up.
I knocked out 100 snatches on the 28 kg. in about ten minutes, a fairly leisurely pace. The 28 feels like the 24. I've been working on my corkscrew descent, as I think that is the only way I'll make it through the USSST on the 32 kg. It hurts just thinking about that.
Steel bending is going. Opening the horseshoes I have now is relatively easy, finishing them is hard. Mostly a technique thing for me I think. I open shoes weird, so there's an odd transition to the finish. More videos to watch. I have noticed the Gr5's I got from FBBC are waaay harder than the ones I got from Fastenal. I can knock out about 15 Fastenal Gr5's in a row, but the FBBC stock is a fight for every one. Oh well. Get stronger. Problem solved.


  1. Much nice Jordan!! Well done. The 36kg is my max

  2. Dave, here's a video of the bend:
    I open it inside my leg. I've sort of figured out how I need to transition it outside my hip, and that it will work better standing. I'm not really sure why I did that kneeling.