Thursday, November 12, 2009

FIrst run at my RKC II tests

The other day I decided to make an impromptu run at my three RKC II strength tests. A pistol, a 24 kg. pull up, and a 36 kg. press. We'll see what happens to me during RTK, as that 36 kg. press may quickly become a 40 kg. press.
I was surprised at how easy the press was. That 40 is coming fast.
The pull up was hard, but I can see I'm not engaging properly right out of the gate. Way too much arm, not enough lat. I did clear the bar, but I don't think I would get passed on that. I need throat or chest to bar contact.
Pistol was easy. I'm doing a lot of mobility work now to smooth it out.

Right now I'm on Rite of Passage with the 32 kg. Today I hit 5 ladders of 3 rungs each. Followed up with 200 swings. 4 sets of 25, and 5 of 20.

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