Monday, November 9, 2009

Making progress- ROP on the 32 kg. and a nice shoe bend

I'm very fortunate to have fallen in with the crowd I did. I owe a lot to the RKC, Rif, Pavel, Adam Glass, Jedd Johnson, and everyone else who has selflessly given of their time and advice as I make my little journey.
Last week I decided to attempt another horseshoe bend. The first time I tried this I thought my head was going to explode. This time the initial opening of the shoe was actually fairly easy. I then forgot how to finish it, and Zach Coulter brought it to my attention that it might be easier to stand up. I realized I had in fact been standing last time I did this. Not sure why I started kneeling. So now I now.
V bar work is okay, and Jedd gave me a tip on how to improve this.
I've been working the hell out of my reverse and double under style bending and it's paying off. Lots of axillary work as well. My double over dropped off a bit, but no surprise there. It will ultimately be better.
I've started into Rite of Passage with the 32 kg. this week. I already feel I could blow through four rungs on the 32 kg., but I'll be patient.
My pull ups are razor sharp after HSV. I am easily doing things that were hard before. I used to tell people if your lats aren't sore down to your lower back a day after doing pull ups you're not engaging properly. Now I have one to add: Ribs. My ribs are so freaking sore the day after a lot of pull ups.
Pain is good.

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