Saturday, December 15, 2007

90 lbs. of Turkish Get Up and one armed chins

Yesterday I put up 90 lbs. in my right hand on Turkish Get Up. First I did 85 lbs. and about an hour later I decided to go for 90 lbs. I think when my right hand heals I can get my 100 lbs.
Using the deck squat progressions I learned at the Steve Cotter Seminar I am also getting closer to bottoming out on my one legged squats.
So I have set a new goal for myself, which I will most likely find to be very difficult, but completely achievable. That goal is one armed chins. This is not to be confused with gripping your working arm with your free hand. That is not a one armed chin, that is a one handed chin. This will be pulling myself from the floor, to the point where my chin clears the bar with one hand and one hand only. Below if a video of Kenney Jay performing the feat.


  1. Let's see a vid of you doin the GetUp. :)

    I hope you cleaned up your form from last time and also on the swings and other O-Lifts too.

  2. I'll have a video up in the coming weeks, but I'm putting that on hold until I put up 100 lbs.
    As to the matter of form... when it comes to the TGU, the form that brings you from the lying position to the standing position without risking your safety is the correct one. As to the O-lifts, well... I haven't done any. So...

  3. O-Lifts, or Olympic lifts, are great. You should look into them.

    It has been said you will never get stronger than with the Dual DB/KB Clean, DB/KB Snatch, and TGU in your training arsenal. :)

    Jordan I think you're doing a great job and I only hope to see you do much better.

  4. Thanks for the kind parting words Bob. I think I was a bit confused by your comment criticizing my olympic lift form,as I don't do them. Did you intend to mean the o-lifts as transferred to the kettlebell? I will be doing some olympic lifting in the future (i.e. the snatch, clean and jerk) it's just a matter of finding the time.

  5. There's always time. I incorporate both KB training with O-lift training in circuits that are just amazing.

    Here are a couple examples. For more you can visit my site.

    WORKOUT 1:
    Six-Way DB Complex:

    6x each of Deadlift, Row, Hang Clean, Front Squat, Back Squat(with bar and cable system using relative weights), Press, Push-up

    One set of each with DBs @ 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 4 sets total
    Each DB weighs the stated weights.
    Rest 1-2 min. between sets.

    Work up to 1RM One-leg DL
    5-7x2 Traditional Dumbbell Side-Carry DL w/ 80# DBs

    WORKOUT 2:
    “A Bit of Performance”


    (All @ 45#)
    30 DB/KB Swings
    15 DB Snatches
    20 DB Cleans(total each side)

    Strength and Power Workout:

    3 Rounds of the following:

    2x BB Power Clean (Round 1 @ 155#, Round 2 & 3 @ 165#, but performed 3 reps)

    Then perform:

    10x BB Power Clean w/ 135#

    Then perform:

    250m Row
    30 Knees To Elbows(KTE)
    Reverse Bear Crawl w/ Heavy DBs @ 10m w/ 60#

    Repeat 3x

    WORKOUT 3:
    "Jump Day"
    3 Rounds: ALL WITH 25# DBs(scale wt. as needed)

    10x Broad Jump Burpees
    10x Single Arm Super Thrusters(jumping thruster- 10 each side)
    20x Bench Jumps with DB clean(don’t go too heavy)
    20x Push Jerk with forward angled press(be very explosive)
    30x Jumping Squats
    30x Full Range DB Jumping Wood Chops

    If you have any questions please let me know, but I hope you can use this to expand your horizons only to better your training. I think you're doing great, and I'm not going to say that mine is the best method of fitness training. I would be stupid if I ever thought or said that. It is my belief that there are many roads leading to the destination which is overall fitness and wellness. Whatever road you take Jordan I hope and know you will enjoy your journey. :)

  6. You mis-understand Bob. In order for me to incorporate olympic lifting into my program I want the lifts to be done properly. While my Barbell Jerks are coming along well, I have yet to really get into the details of the two handed barbell snatch. This requires time, which during the holiday season I do not have enough to devote to.
    While your program is fine, it does not really suit what I am trying to do.

  7. I certainly admire your tenacity in your training form.

    Curious what are you trying to do?

  8. I'm currently training for the tactical strength challenge in April.
    Aside from that I'm always working on improving my one arm push ups and one legged squats, and chasing the 100 lb. TGU. Thanks for the input. I'm also in the process of laying out what my weekly training program is so that anyone who is curious can download the excel sheet, make suggestions, etc.

  9. Oh that's right! The Tactical Challenge. Good luck with that. It looks like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

    Where exactly are you gonna have the workouts posted? I'm definitely interested to take a peak from time to time.