Saturday, December 8, 2007

Changes in store in 2008

We're about to hit our sixth month in business with Average to Elite, and things are only picking up speed. In the new year we're going to have a major site redesign which will include the introduction of new online training. I wanted to wait to start doing this until I had a system in place that would give the trainee a good and comprehensive experience. It seems that much of the 'online training' I see is just not high quality enough. Of course it's better than nothing, but with my web design and media experience I know I can put together something fully interactive and that will yield greater results for the online client.
I will also have articles being published on and other sites, spreading the word of functional fitness.
I have mentioned the workshops I am planning and the first one will be taking place in San Francisco at the Synergy on Sacramento street on Saturday January 5th. A guest presenter will be Cindy Glass, RKC. I will have an official announcement up this coming week.
We will also be looking at a new training location in the Palo Alto/ Mountain View area with the goal of setting up our own storefront.
I know what you're thinking "Jordan, how can it possibly get any better?!"
Just wait, I have to keep some secrets. :)

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