Thursday, December 6, 2007

Workshops and Turkish get ups.

Many of my clients know that I consider a 100 lb. Turkish get up to be one of the gold standards for strength. It's hard to dispute that this is a prime example of strength and co-ordination. This week I put up 80 lbs. for the first time, and within the next thirty days I plan on getting my 100 lb. TGU.
Everyday I learn more and I just marvel at how we as a society have slipped so quickly down the slope of mediocrity and into a valley of absurd weakness. Bearing this in mind I'm going to be doing some workshops in 2008. Not only for kettlebell training, but also to really communicate that there is another way to build strength than what people are doing in the gym, and it is far better. It's not that this info isn't already out there, but we need a conduit to transfer it to the masses, and that is where I (and others with some information and teaching ability) come in. I am far from an authority on kettlebells, but what I do know, I am able to efficiently instruct.
Speaking of workshops, I just found out today that this Sunday Steve Cotter is doing a workshop in SF. Are you kidding me?! I almost missed this, and now I am scrambling like a ferret on meth trying to get my act together so I can attend.

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