Sunday, December 9, 2007

Steve Cotter Seminar- Part 1

I mentioned before the Steve Cotter Seminar this Sunday and that I was trying to get to it. Mission Accomplished. I wasn't even 100% sure what the seminar covered, but when The Man comes to town you don't stand around asking all kinds of dumb questions, you grab your bells and hit the bricks.
I showed up way to early as usual and had to wait around a while. Finally this guy pulls up in front and start unloading a ton of pro-grade kbells from this little commuter car. I though "Wow, this guy is really frigging serious about this workshop." I felt under dressed with only my 16 and 20 kilo. Turns out he was Steve's assistance and had brought the kbells for the whole seminar. Well duh.
In short order we got ourselves set up. A trainer named John from Equinox SF was there as well, and we had been at Jason Brown's seminar a year ago. Since then he had gone to the RKC.
Ok, so big surprise for everyone when guess what? Fluid style, otherwise known as Girevoy Sport Style lifts were being taught. I actually had known this. After I checked into the details of the workshop I saw they were covering FS and that made it even better, as I have yet to get any first hand instruction on FS. I loved it and I'll get more into it in a future blog.
Steve of course was great, and kindly allowed me to shoot some video from my laptop that I'm in the process of cutting up to make some short clips for the site.
The below clip is a brief statement on hand care. It is a statement that I should have heard at the beginning of the workshop, before I ripped my right hand open trying to be a hero. :)

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