Monday, December 17, 2007

Training plan for the TSC

As people have been asking, this so far is my broad outline for training for the Tactical Strength Challenge. I've looked at other plans, and what I was already thinking of doing for general training was close enough.
Throughout the week I am always greasing the groove on pull ups, one legged squats, and one handed push ups. I am also doing some oac specific training such as 'frenchies', etc.

This is Tier 2 of a 3 tier training cycle. Tier 3 will involve two a days and max work, before pulling back to Tier 1 with more off days and lighter loads.

Mon- Deadlift Day
I'm starting off with Turkish Get Ups, into some pull ups, and then onto the deadlifts. After that on to the press (push jerk or bent press alternating) then onto one handed barbell snatch to windmill. After that finish off with some weighted pull ups.

Tues- Opt. Max VO2 day.
I'm still working through 15/15 but as of 01/01/08 I'll switch over to 36/36. This day is optional as tuesdays are a very heavy training day for me. Start at 9am, finish at 8pm or 9pm.

Weds- Heavy Kettlebell Work
I'll get into more detail on all of this later, but focusing on work with the heavier bells (24, 32, 40 kilo. Lower reps, working it more like the deadlift day. Heavy double swings, long cycle, high pulls, two hands anyhow.

Thurs- Max V02 kettlebell snatch workout or 10 minutes of snatches with no breaks. Always get at least one max VO2 each week.

Fri- TBD

Sat- Wheelbarrow and snatch day
Exactly what it sounds like. High endurance, high strength. I'm still working out the load for the wheel barrow, but it will include kettlebells. 3 miles of jogging with the barrow and stopping to bang out heavy snatches. I'll most likely use the dish in PA due to the hills.

Sun- Off. Possibly dead.

Training was intended to kick off Jan 1st but I started working into it early. Surviving the workload I have set up will require I further tighten up my nutrition. All of this is dependent upon steady progress in the targeted events.

Also, being that I have actually been on a tactical team, I was thinking of something that would be a pretty cool tweak to the TSC. Structuring it like the Mavericks surf contest and giving 24 hours notice. That would be much more tactical, as no one ever gave me 3 months notice on a 'tactical event'. May not be realistic though.

In case anyone wants it- Post on Max V02 36/36


  1. I like it!

    What's the 15/15 and 36/36? Is that seconds? What exactly is the program here?

  2. Bob, you are in for a treat. :)
    This is the Max VO2 snatch protocol. One is 15 seconds on/ 15 seconds off of kbell snatches (6-8 rep per 15 cadence) for a total of 50 sets, or 25 minutes.
    The second one is Kenneth Jay's protocol of 36 seconds on/ 36 seconds off.
    Here is a good post from Rif's blog on it