Thursday, March 27, 2008

Applying strength

Since I've been doing the warrior diet I feel like my head is a little clearer, and I'm physically realizing concepts that I understood before, but hadn't quite put into effect. This is what led me to push press a 40 kilo kettlebell the other day. I had been trying to put this thing up for a while but could never quite do it. Part of it was a psychological mechanism that was effectively 'stopping' me from performing the movement. Originally I was trying to jerk it, but found I didn't need the jerk when I tried it the other day. So I decided to try performing a Turkish Get Up with Cindy Glass RKC as my weight. I managed to get into the lying position with her locked out and stabilized over head, but opted not to get up. Granted, this was hard, but it wasn't that hard to keep her locked out. I felt like I could at least get into the sit up, but I also felt that having to 'ditch' Cindy halfway through the get up might not be so awesome. I'm going to keep working it with the barbell and kettlebells, then try it again with someone else standing by to catch her. I think I should make sure I can get up at least 125 lbs. before really trying to get her up.
This all leads to a feeling of 'connection'. If you feel like a collection of bodyparts when you're swinging, snatching, whatever, you aren't achieving your potential. The body is one piece, there's no real reason to treat it as anything other than that. If you visualize that you are one functioning unit, you're going to swing longer, snatch harder, and your singing voice will be delightful.
Well, maybe not the last one.


  1. the major benefit I feel from warrior dieting is the intestinal 'empty' feeling of not grazing all day. THis is especially helpful to me as I don't get to train first thing in the day as I used to. I love to train on an empty stomach.
    when I graze eat I feel I am always digesting something. hate that when there is work to be done. I feel "clean" when I am on WD during the work/fast cycle. Then, when I start to eat/feast, I am done working and dont mind digesting.
    It also really makes a difference for me in mental clarity during the day as well.

  2. I noticed that as well. Not feeling 'heavy' frees me up to get more done. It's taken a while to figure out what I can eat during the day without eliciting that reaction of feeling like I have something in my stomach, but the whole process is definitely smoothing out.