Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eating clean on a warrior diet.

I've always been a proponent of eating clean. This is similar to how I would always tell people to get a full night's sleep, and then be falling off a barstool around 2am. Hey, it happens. :)
On some level, I always grasped that there was something seriously wrong with the manner in which our society was shoving non-sense into their bodies. It goes hand in hand with how I never even considered smoking, because it looks an awful lot to me like you're actually breathing smoke into your lungs. People run out of burning buildings to avoid doing this.
So many people will rant against the dangers of smoking, while poking the last bit of that twinkie into their mouths. What is in that thing anyway? In my adult life I don't think I've ever eaten a twinkie or a ho ho. I've eaten many other foods that are bad for me (is a twinkie even a food?) but not that bad.
I am the guy who really wanted to be healthy and eat clean, but could never pull it together enough to do it consistently. So what turned me around?
Warrior Diet. When I first heard about this diet I was skeptical, and I think that's healthy as long as you don't dismiss it out of hand. To me, it looked like a lot of not eating. For those of you who don't know, I'm a skinny guy. No, you don't understand. Not like you're thinking. At 21 I checked into MCRD San Diego standing 5'8" and weighing 114 lbs. That was my walking around weight. I hadn't been on a prison ship for a year, I wasn't fasting. That was my average weight. Being that small is psychologically demoralizing. Sure I was grappling with guys who outweighed me by nearly 100 lbs. and beating them, but I always knew that if this guy manages to me up and slam me to the ground it's over. You are on the bottom of the food chain when you're that small.
So the concern that I would start losing weight fast on this thing was a valid one. The first week I was doing it wrong, and sure enough I started to thin out. You have to understand that I have read every book ever written. Actually, let me clarify. I have read the first 30 pages of every book ever written. As Rollins pointed out it is primarily so that I can be so impressed with myself that I can say 'Raskalnikov' and have a vague understanding of who he was.
Okay, so I went back and actually read the book, which caused me to up my protein intake throughout the day. Weight went back up, bodyfat plummeted. By the scale I'm only two pounds down, but I'm visibly leaner.
Eating one meal a day makes it much easier to eat clean. I've eaten more vegetables in the past three weeks than I have in the past three months. I'm not joking. Ask Cindy.
Most importantly, I'm not consuming any nonsense. Everything is organic, everything is healthy. Right down to my milk. Oh, did I say I'm drinking milk? I'm the most lactose intolerant guy you have ever met. I smell milk and I'm doubled over in pain. Now I'm drinking organic unprocessed milk, and I get no ill effect.
I have a consistent energy level, no highs or lows. When people hear about the warrior diet they ask what I do for energy during the day. I eat healthy. Problem solved.
Now that I am doing this I'm looking more closely at what is in the foods we eat, and all of the lurking dangers. People tell me it's not that big a deal, but it really is. If you thought there were granules of sand in the gasoline at a certain station, would you pump that into your car if you had another option? So why would you do that to your body?
In addition to the energy and body composition changes I've becomes stronger and have better endurance as my body is not fighting itself at the same time it is fighting an external load.
I'm also much more aware of supporting the independent farmers who produce these fruits and vegetables. Believe me, I'm the last guy who will be complaining about 'Corporate America', but I do believe many companies take the easy way out by overly processing their products and running farms that look more like something out of a science fiction novel. Happy Cows= Happy Milk= Happy Body.
The moral of this story is- Don't expect to live healthy and achieve optimum athletic performance if you're treating your body like a garbage bin.


  1. Eating healthy I get. The starvation component bothers me. There is such a thing as too lean and people I've seen on this for extended periods can end up looking they've come out of a concentration camp. What's good for a mouse may not be good for a man.

  2. He adresses that exact thing in the book. There is no starvation cycle, it's just undereating. I know people who have been on it properly for years and are doing great. If someone is doing poorly on it there's a good possibility they are doing it wrong, just like I did in the beginning. If someone is Interested in it they really have to read the book. Ori knows his stuff.

  3. I'll check it out. The dude looks a little too lean to me, though. If he's 112, I'm there. If he's 24,I may pass.

    Is this Saturday the TSC? Your calendar shows blocked. I thought it was next week.

  4. He fought in the civil war. Happy? :)
    It is the following Saturday, I'm just taking this Saturday off.

  5. Depends on which civil war. :) I'll check it out in any case, but I'm not going anywhere without my chimichangas.

  6. Jordan, have you listened to Ori's Internet "Radio" show?

    The first couple are hard to listen to but I think he's getting the hang of it and the shows are getting better.

    I have found a couple of other really interesting source regarding this type of eating, shoot me an e-mail and I'll fwd them to you.

  7. BJ can you please email me as well? I am also on the WD and have read most of the book.



  8. Thanks for the heads up BJ. I'll e-mail you for that info.

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