Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kettlebell Round Table

I recently received Jason C. Brown's kettlebell round table DVD with Jason, Steve Cotter, Jeff Martone and Steve Maxwell. It's pretty good and definitely good for people who want to see samples of different styles of kettlebell training.
I've seen a few good examples firsthand of gentlemen in their fifties who have been lifelong athletes and maintain a level of conditioning that makes me look like the 98 pound weakling in Charles Atlas's ads, and Steve Maxwell is another great example. Too many of us just accept that when we get into our fifties we start falling apart. Granted, you're not 20 anymore, but you ain't dead either.
All four men in the DVD do a great job of presentation and I think it comes together well, particularly the Q&A portion, which may answer questions many of you didn't even realize you had.
It's also interesting to look at their individual technique and how it has evolved from where they began.
I also got a little surprise and found that there is also a Dave Schmidt Seminar on the DVD. If you don't do any work with bands this will give you some insight into their use.

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