Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Group Exercise coming to Girya

I have decided to start doing group kettlebell classes at Girya in Palo Alto. What's the difference between my group fitness classes and all the other group fitness classes out there? You'll actualy get results! Ha ha. Just kidding, but not really.
The classes will incorporate basic kettlebell movements such as the swing and bodyweight exercises. Classes will only be 30 minutes, but if you've ever experienced my training you know that will be plenty. Everyone will be required to attend an 'elements class' prior to the regular classes in order to ensure good technique is used.
I know many people like the group exercise dynamic, but that shouldn't mean you're relegated to jazzercise and body 'pump' or 'sculpting' classes. Sculpting your body sounds painful and dangerous. :)
For now the schedule will be Mon, Weds, Fri. at 12:30pm, 6:00pm, and 6:30pm. Times will be added as I go, this is just to get us started. Class size will be limited to 8 for the moment.
In other news my CHEK Scientific Back Training Course arrived today along with my Ironmind Sandbag. Normally I'd just make a sandbag out of a seabag, but as I'm going to use this for clients, the ability te easily change the weight was a big plus. I've also been working on my Diesel Crew Bending Book and am looking forward to destroying some nails in the near future.
Below is some video of Rif's Kettlebell Workshop at Axis Personal Training, which I assisted at.


  1. Hey Jordan,

    I can do the Wednesday class at 12:30! Yay! When does it start?

    Let me know how you like the CHEK back training course...I am debating which one to order.

    See you Friday....

  2. You're in! Classes start 3/17. The CHEK course is beyond reproach. I have figured out that anything Rif goes on and on about is probably pretty good. I've barely begun the course and I'm already more than sold.

  3. Great! I marked the class down on my calendar.

    I am thinking of doing the CHEK holistic lifestyle course at the end of May (they will be in San Fran).

    Do you have any idea when the RKC will be in the Bay Area again? I know I just missed it last month in San Jose.

  4. No idea on the RKC in the Bay Area, but there is one in LA in August. I would say if you don't want to possible wait a year, that would be good to sign on for.

  5. jen

    the chek scientific back program is the BEST course with the most pertinent info about the body I have ever seen. changed my life and my approach to training forever.in fact I have to get it in dvd again as mine is on vhs! LOL!