Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TSC Pre-test

I was pretty happy with how this went, considering how slipshod my training has been, and that my hands were wrecked for a few weeks. No excuses though, it is what it is.
I have to work out some deadlift issues. I think it's mostly psychological. I got stopped at 365 pounds, then brought it down to 335 and pulled it without too much difficulty. Key is that I had one of the trainers at Equinox who's a friend of mine watch me pull it. It's not a big mystery that you work harder in competition and when you're being observed. Reportedly I kept my back pretty straight, which I'm happy about. This was also sans chalk, so grip was an issue.
I definitely slacked on the snatches, so I think I can work it up to 90, possibly 95 or 100. We'll see.
I hate pull-ups. I actually get a feeling of despair before doing them.
Here it is:

Pull-Ups- 15
Deadlift- 335 lbs.
24 kilo snatches in 5 minutes- 80


  1. Jordan, you are a MAN for trying. I understand the DESPAIR (I call it "dread") when showing up for a max effort. It takes guts to put this stuff into your pre-competition preparations, knowing you can just as easily skip it.

    One of my goals is to be able to max-out with pullups or a timed set of snatches and not feel emotionally attached to the result. If I do it enough, it will cease to stir up the butterflies. I'm still working on it.

    The TSC is great no matter what. I'm glad you are participating.

    Oh yeah, USE CHALK! I chalk the hell out of my hands for all three of the events, and grip deep and hard for pullups and deadlifts. It makes a big difference.

  2. Jordan, are you the guy I "sparred" with on Brett's blog when Gavin DeBecker showed up? LOL! That was trippy.

    I'd like to meet you some day. We'll do a TSC workout and then go shooting.

  3. Yep, that's me. :)
    Thanks for the positive comments. I just need to keep plugging away for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the suggestions. I met your wife Fawn while she was down at Girya last month. I'm sure I'll be out to Minnesota within the next year.

  4. Nice J,

    Look forward to hearing about the comp day and seeing the bug numbers you hit.

    Check you Monday