Thursday, March 6, 2008

Group X

Gradually the concept takes shape, and then it takes off. Group X begins 3/17 at Girya- 132 Hamilton Ave in Palo Alto. The first 'elements class' will be held 3/15 at 6pm. Classes are $15 each, but there is no charge to attend the elements class. This class is held to ensure you have a solid basis of technique prior to starting the class. A calendar will be maintained on the Group X Website, and classes will consistently be mon-fri in the 12:30-1:30pm and 6:00-7:00pm range. Each class will be 30 minutes long, and trust me, it will be plenty. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone. Classes are limited to 8 each. In order to secure your spot e-mail me directly


  1. looks good jordan, I like it "group-X"

  2. Thanks Rif. Turns out 24 hour fitness has some pesky trademark on Group X, so I have to tweak it a bit, but the concept remains.

  3. A trademark on Group X? Puleeeze! I have been a "group-x" teacher for over 11 years and have never worked at a 24 Hour Fitness. Just stick a dash in there and you should be fine.

    About next you have 1:30 open? If not, 2:00 would be my next pick and as a last resort, I will take 4:00. ;-)

    Thanks for putting up with me today!


  4. Hey Jordan, honored to be linked here, great stuff. Also Group X brought me a giggle. Check em out on Ebaums world, someone sent me the link.

    nick at the pain cave and supplementyourlife

  5. Jen, I'll work out the schedule and let you know.
    Nick, no problem, I like your approach to training,and your ability to work the word 'pain' into your business name and somehow not sound threatening. :)