Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A belated pistol PR and 'damn that's a lot of presses'

For those of you who missed my tag at the end of the TSC post I'm currently training for the Beast Challenge. I'm going to make a run at it during the February RKC in San Jose. I wasn't really sure in the beginning because it's one of those things I just declare I'm going to do, without stopping to think if I can actually do it. Right now it looks very doable. I've been utilizing Kenneth Jay Master RKC's low/high volume press, pull, and pistol program and so far it's working very well. Yesterday I hit a pistol on my right leg with the 28 kg. This is during my second week into the program. I'm cleanly pressing the 32 kg. and would venture a guess I can put up the 36 kg. Pull ups are lagging at a 24 kg. pull, but doing a lot of pull ups I've been working on my technique. Weight is up to 167. I really have to game the weight/ strength mix as every pound I add is another pound I have to pull over the bar. I think 170 might be a good stopping point.
Today was high volume pressing which called for a total of 96 reps military press each arm with the 24 kg. for a total of 192 total presses. It actually wasn't that taxing, but I kept looking at the numbers and thinking 'Damn that's a lot of presses'. It's a little consolation though, that mimicking those numbers on the pistol will suck even more.
That's all.


  1. How goes the W-Diet? The blog went quiet and the other went stealth. Was it all the naked talk? Did you add pictures?

  2. You truly are a crazy, psycho mutant in training, bending, pressing, climbing, pulling, etc. Good stuff man, really impressed by your commitment to excellence!

    See you today

  3. Thanks Joe. Mutant is the goal.
    Charles, don't become creepy stalker guy. :)
    Warrior Diet is on hold while I push my weight up a bit, then I'll be back on it.

  4. I really enjoyed the rack video .. great stuff!

    And I envy you for being able to handle the volume of KJ's program .. its a real winner and you will succeed.

  5. Thanks Franklin. As noted in my training blog I've found that the key for myself being able to survive this program is nutrition. So far so good. If you don't have a mac, the imovie software on the computers makes it pretty easy, it's very intuitive. It even allows you to upload the movie directly to youtube form the program.

  6. Just playing and I didn't mean anything, bro. There's no word for privacy in Samoan ... worse when you grow up with 8 brothers and sisters.

  7. Of course, no problem. Forget the presses, damn that's a lot of brothers and sisters. :)