Saturday, September 6, 2008

RKC Prep and our new dog

I've started running a little RKC prep for the upcoming San Jose RKC in February for some trainer friends of mine, and pretty much anyone who shows up. Sounds like a pretty good gig, but the catch is you're going to be swinging and snatching that kettlebell more in one hour than you probably usually do in a week. No one is going to be on that field unable to finish their reps and attach my name to their training. :)
In addition to general S&C we work on technique in the six core lifts. I dig the change I see from when someone first walks out with funky technique, to when they dial it in and start having those 'ah-ha' moments. I also see the door opening to a realm of strength and conditioning that they may not have thought was possible.

Check out our new dog. Jealous?

My request to name him 'kettlebell' was over ruled.

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