Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green nail goes down without a fight.

Relatively easy. Same stock as the white nail, just shorter. I'm finding that the manner in which I wrap the nail is key. The tighter the wrap, the tighter I can get my grip. I did everything double overhand as opposed to anchor/driver, as I really feel like I can get everything behind the bend, particularly my lats. I'm going to start working on the anchor/driver as well. It's interesting how much this is like a deadlift for me. Same IAP, same tension, same grind.
Oh, and that thing about patience and working through all the whites? Not sure what I was thinking there. Must have been tired or on drugs.
My weight is up to 167 today, should break 170 soon.
Today's bodycount: 3 white nails, 2 green nails.


  1. it's fun wreckin' stuff, isn't it?

    double over, huh? I can't bend crap DO, I'm a double under guy.

    keep us posted.

  2. For some reason the double over just comes naturally. DU positioning feels totally awkward to me. I'm going to make a run at the yellow tomorrow. We'll see.