Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rock Climbing

Today I started my foray into rock climbing. Not on actual rocks, but in a rock climbing gym. I went in as a blank slate and I know I need technique work, so I booked some qualified instruction. Things went well and while I was surprised at how much harder it was than I thought it would be physically, I feel I am well prepared by all of my strength work. It definitely worked a different aspect of my grip than I am used to, but I never felt weak. I figured climbing indoors wouldn't be that hard, well guess again. Just climbing sideways across the wall a few feet off the ground was much harder than anticipated.
One interesting thing is how many parallels there are with hardstyle kettlebell training. One maneuver called a 'flag' is basically a pistol on a rock. Once I started applying my kbell technique to the climb it became much more manageable.
I dig this.

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