Sunday, September 21, 2008

San Mateo Equinox Level 1 Workshop

This weekend I ran a Level 1 Kettlebell workshop for the trainers at Equinox Fitness in San Mateo, CA. The more I do these things the smoother they go, and I become more efficient. I was highly impressed with this group of trainers. They picked everything up quickly and were very easy to work with. I even learned a good method for teaching the Turkish Get Up that one of the trainers there; Joe Pessano came up with. He effectively gave the trainee some easily controllable resistance to work with via his fist, and then applied pressure on her locked out arm at various stages throughout the get up. This allowed for a smoother transition from the bodyweight get up to using a kettlebell or other implement. Again, very impressive that he came up with a new tweak on the day after first learning the get up.

Jordan and Joe Pessano

One of the trainers who came up from the Palo Alto Gym; a young man named Ivan ripped out 5/5 clean and press and then 5/5 snatches with no pause on the 32 kg. This guy is a beast.
In our spare time we did a little nail bending, and the male trainers who took a run at the Green Nail all took it down. I know some ironmind bags of nails are going to be ordered this week.
I love doing these. It's just a bonus that I get paid. Any time you can help people take another step on their journey that they may not have been able to take alone is great. This way I get to kill 10 birds with one stone instead of 1 or 2.
The level 2 is coming in October, so hold on to your hats.


  1. Nice work Jordan! Did you just teach the Basic 6 or did you add in a little extra?

    Katie B.

  2. Thanks Katie. I stuck with the basic 6, the heavy emphasis being on mastery of the instructional techniques for the swing and the get up. We also did some unlocking work for clients with tight hamstrings, hip flexors, etc.

  3. Good stuff! Nice Get Up videos too.

    Katie B.

  4. Very nice Jordan! Congrat's on your seminar!

    Look like things are really starting to pick up for you!

    Rock on brother!

  5. Thanks Franz. Yes, things are going well up here. Good luck in the contest for best gym in SD.