Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going 'full on cylon' and some P.R.'s

Lately the concept of turning on the machine and preparing to compete has been assigned the identifier 'Going full on cylon'. If you don't watch Battlestar Galactica you have no idea what I mean. When the cylon sleeper agent basically gets flipped on and starts wrecking shop, that's going full on cylon.
Everything feels good this week. I've mostly been doing technique work on snatching the 32 kg. I managed a get up with the 44 kg. kettlebell here at Girya. I've put up 100 lbs. on a barbell, but in my opinion the kettlebell makes it more difficult. I've also bottoms up pressed the 24 kg. and military pressed the 32 kg. I've military pressed the 32 before, but this time it went up surprisingly easy, which lends credence to my recent pressing schedule. One beast press, coming up.

Full on.


  1. A 44kg TGU is quite impressive. So is a 100lb barbell TGU. So is an easy 32kg MP. Very strong stuff hombre!

    I love your attitude with wanting to press the beast .. you will do it and I will smile with great satisfaction when you post the video of it.

    Although I can currently press the 32kg which meets the new RKC II requirements for my age (Masters+) and weight, I have set a goal of pressing the bulldog to match the non-master requirement .. dadgommit, I could barely press the 16kg when I started training fifteen months and these methods flat out work .. I certainly don't feel old and don't want any special treatment.

    Your stuff continues to inspire me ..

  2. That gun is all fucked up. It's got a guide rod that's the size of a 50-caliber, but a barrel the size of a 25. It's intimidating because it's so fucking weird.

    You keep getting stronger, and I'll keep posting inane comments on you blog.

  3. BSG is not just a show- it's an addiction!!!

    Keeping it up J.

  4. Thanks Franklin, I'm glad you've made so much progress since beginning. Are you planning on going to the RKC II this year?
    Aaron, I knew I could count on you.
    Bob, you are correct. Vanessa sometimes refers to herself as 'Vanessa Actual'.

  5. Jordan, I would love to attend the next RKC II but if all goes well (green cards, travel visas, etc) I will be in Beijing, China during that time next summer with my new wife.

    Regardless I will be training as if I were attending .. it has already begun.

    I went back several months of blog posts to learn how you have been training presses and was unable to find anything. I did notice you pulled a very respectable DL at the last TSC and would be also interested in how you achieved that.

  6. Good luck with the trip. I'm going to send you an e-mail with some info in it that might prove useful. I have found that one of the most essential aspect of my pull is snapping everything tight, and not breaking form halfway up. I know I have a bad habit of disengaging under stress, as I do the same thing in the press.
    I should say the 'pressing protocols' as my schedule has been iffy. Prior to the RKC I had hardly ever pressed. My bad. Right now I use high and low volume on the minute presses. 20 minutes for high volume and 10 minutes for low volume. I'm going to release my next training cycle and goals after the TSC, and it will all be outlined in there.

  7. I wouldn't time the low-volume pressing. Could fuck you up. I'm just saying you gotta feel fresh to press heavy.

  8. I'll check that out. I have about a minute of rest between singles, but I may expand that.