Thursday, September 11, 2008

D minus 2

Saturday is the Tactical Strength Challenge. In light of my progress I have decided to enter the elite division. This will require that I do my pull ups with a 22 lb. weight, and snatch the 32 kg. kettlebell for 5 minutes vs. the open division where it is the 24 kg. and bodyweight pull ups.
I feel very strong going into this. I expect to eclipse my previous deadlift of 387 lbs. Today I did two 2 minute snatch sets. Results= 24 kg. 55 snatches, 32 kg. 30 snatches.
I was moving at a pretty relaxed pace with the 32 kg. set. When I hit my 68 reps a couple weeks back I wasn't going that hard, as I hadn't expected to hit the numbers I did. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
Good luck to all competing this Saturday.


  1. Welcome to the team, bro. I'll be rooting for you. The Elite division has been seriously lacking in participation, especially given the big numbers thrown around recently in the Open division.

    If you can snatch the 24 for 120+ reps in 5 minutes, you need to increase the weight. Why the hell not? Going for EVEN MORE reps when you're already good, and with an obviously light weight, seems a little nancy-boy to me when other options are available.

    Since you're a smallish guy, I'm especially glad that you're going elite. We can lift the heavier weights, and that needs to be recognized.

    As far as I'm concerned, even if I do only 3 pullups and 40 snatches, I'm Elite, so everyone else can just fuck off. If they think they can do better, there's only one way to prove it.

    Congratulations on your decision.

  2. FULL ON CYLON is awaken!!! Time for action baby!

    Good luck Jordan.

    There needs to be a TSC in AZ. I can host it. How can I make that happen?

  3. Aaron, I agree regarding the astronomical numbers in the open. I realized there wasn't much point in trying to snatch a lighter weight a million miles an hour in competition. Besides, it all goes back to who I was more impressed by, guys getting lower numbers with the 32 kg. or getting 75,894 snatches in 5 minutes with the 24 kg. The difference being that the 24 kg. doesn't want to rip your arm off.

    Bob, there is a link in the lower left hand corner of the TSC web page. You can also e-mail Steve Freides.

  4. Bob, you can do a TSC yourself if you have access to the equipment. If anyone wants to join you, that's even better.

    Jordan, 100% agreement here. The 32kg is a different animal. I will not lay claim to anything more than 114 reps with the 24kg until I actually do it, but getting to 120+ represents diminishing returns to me.

    At the point where I need to sacrifice obvious lockouts and start pulling the bell down to achieve better numbers, I've gone too far in the quest for numbers IMO. I'm just not going there.

    With the 32kg, each snatch comes to a complete stop overhead out of necessity, and there certainly will be no pulling-down of this weight. Not for me anyway. If I want to improve my numbers, I need to improve my strength and conditioning. Simple.