Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heavy swings and nail bending

Today I hit ten 20 reps sets of swings on the 40 kg. interspersed with some nail bending. The swings felt good and I like that I can keep my endurance up without interfering with my pressing schedule, which is what snatches would do. I worked on visualizing my deadlift lockout with each swing.
I worked through a lot of green nails, 20 I believe all done in groups of 5 back to back. These were easy, but it's a big jump to the yellow nail. I think I'll start varying degrees of Heslep style bending (at arm's length) to make it harder. Tried some double underhand and couldn't move it. I think I'm definitely floating into the range where I can't just rely on stupid monkey strength, and have to actually start applying technique. I took a run at a yellow nail and actually managed to bend it a bit, but not much.
I worked with Tara a bit on bending technique and put her on the COC #1 to work on a modified crushdown in order for her to keep working on her tension techniques and bringing all of her power to bear on the nail. I think this works pretty well, particularly in developing explosive power for the initial kink.


  1. Thanks for the review, Jordan- and nice training, looking good.

    Linked your blog, I like what I'm reading.
    keep it up.

  2. Also, you gotta try some tabata front squats. Pure murder.

  3. No problem Max, well deserved. I'm not a big fan of Tabata, for the same reason I'm not a big fan of hitting myself in the face with a hammer.