Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pressing Progress

I've been doing a lot of work on my pressing strength, and part of that involves the pressing of stacked kettlebells. This requires exacting technique, slow movement, etc. If you screw up the top bell falls. This one was a 16 kg. and a 8 kg. for a total of 24 kg. It stalled close to the top, but I'll get it. I also went for a bottoms up press of the 28 kg. and it went up but again stalled about halfway. I'm bearing in mind that my shoulders are waaay overtrained, so I'm backing off on the pressing and keeping it at 3 days a week.


  1. Jordan
    You almost had it! I have been working RoP with the 32 and am finding the same thing.....my shoulders are feeling overtrained and I am beginning to develop some muscle tightness in the posterior delt/scapular region of my left shoulder which I can improve with some myofascial release, but I think I need to take a rest.

  2. Recovery is big, and not getting enough of it can kick you in the ass. I'm pretty sure I can actually do this press, as that was 8 o'clock after five hours of training clients and a hard workout that morning. We'll see. :)