Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping the body in balance

I know what my body likes and does not like. I know exactly how different foods make it react. So why do I insist on punishing it? I have a sweet tooth that would make Willy Wonka sit up and shout, that's why. Gluten and refined sugars cause my system to go into a state of havoc proximal only to what Wall Street is currently going through. They have to stay out or I'm miserable. My body likes vegetables, kombucha, and ultimate meal. It hates anything processed or refined. My body is the Lloyd Dobler of... bodies I guess.
I used to think the whole organic thing was kind of a racket. Something for dirty hippies to cry about before they go hug a tree or hump a shrub, or whatever. Now I know it's the real deal, and it's an awful truth. The awful truth is that we actually have to label our foods to denote that they are not poisonous. I have to buy grass fed free range beef so that I can be fairly confident the cow did not eat the ground up remains of it's parents, or chicken heads, and wasn't shot up with steroids to make it bigger. I have to buy organic veggies straight from the damn farm so that I can be fairly sure they weren't soaked in poisons on a daily basis. It's important that I inquire as to whether the chicken I am eating was genetically engineered to not have eyes and feet.
It's easy to scoff and say it's not really that bad, but I feel it and I see it on a regular basis. I'm looking out my window every day at a generation that thinks Subway is a healthy alternative to McDonalds. Hey, a bullet is a bullet if you take one in the head. Sure I'd rather get shot with a .22 than a .45, but ultimately I'd rather not get shot at all.


  1. Well put, Jordan!

  2. I hear it. Margaret and I ate out the last two nights and I could feel how it affected me this morning in my pullups. I always read about how important diet is but you have to do it to see the difference that it makes.

    I have to go to a wedding this afternoon and I'll have to be careful about what I eat. I can't wait to get back on my boring schedule of food I prepare myself.

  3. Thanks Jessica.
    Kai, this is very true. Consistency may be boring, but it works.

  4. That's the scariest post I've ever read on a training blog. The thought of eyeless and feetless chickens genetically engineered for consumption is so sick and twisted I'm hoping you made it up but I know you didn't .. it really both disgusts me and ticks me off.

  5. Organic has value to a point, but it's easy to get carried away.

    There is an urban legend about the genetically engineered KFC chicken that forced KFC to remove chicken from its name ... no truth to it that I can find. I haven't seen anything that I believe on the subject (see below). My cousin works in a processing plant in AK and all the chickens that come through there have heads, eyes and feet. A chicken's life is no fun and you can question the feed. There's a pretty good CA proposition this year that requires better conditions on poultry farms. I'm inclined to go for it but it will raise the price of eggs and some poor folks might suffer. On the other hand, I can't seem to buy a carton of eggs without getting a 2nd one free these days.

  6. I'd prefer the 45 to the head. Brain damage is no fun either and there's no propsotion going to make it better.