Friday, December 19, 2008

Cecil the christmas dog, comcast, and not working so much.

Cecil is a Christmas dog.

I watch a lot of movies. I dig movies. So I have my HD tv and I order HD from comcast. I know I need an HDMI output to really have HD. Component cables don't cut it. Comcast tells me they aren't issuing the HDMI boxes anymore as they were somehow defective. I accept this as the sheep I am. I recently came to the realization I was paying for HD that was not happening. I call comcast and now it has changed to a 'shortage' of hdmi boxes, but they can put me on the waiting list at the warehouse. I tell them to go ahead and cancel my HD. I kid you not- 20 minutes later a comcast technician is at my door with an HDMI box in hand. Are you freaking kidding me?! Comcast has been lying to me for so long it feels like we're married.

I recently came to a head with my business where I had the option of putting together a larger facility, getting more workshops out, and basically working 24/7 to create a big new thing. I have opted not to do so. At least not right now. It may happen in the future, but part of the idea behind my chosen path is to be free to pursue other things, spend time with my family, etc. I like it that way. I'm still doing fine. :)


  1. In December 2007, when we bought our 42" plasma, I immediately upgraded to HD with Comcast, but had to get on a list for an HDMI box. We waited only two weeks, but we got one, and it made a world of difference. I bought two HDMI cables from for $6 apiece, and they're GREAT.

    However, having grown tired of the monthly anal rapings by Comcast, we dropped cable altogether in about July of this year to the tune of a $100 monthly savings. We now get free high-def through the antenna on top of our house, which is useful for nature shows on public TV and football games, and we pay only $18 per month for Netflix.

    For the money we've already banked by dropping cable, we could buy a Blue-Ray player and bliss out on the high-def movies of our choice via Netflix. We haven't done it yet, though.

    Have you seen "Step Brothers"? Stupider than fuck, and funnier than hell. No need for high-def.

  2. Cecil is the dog we got from canine companions for independence that I put that blog up before. Now with the scarf he becomes a Christmas dog.
    We've been thinking about ditching Comcast for a while. Particularly since our internet barely work anyway, and it irks me to pay 100 plus for stuff that doesn't work. I didn't know netflix carried blue ray. This may accelerate my time table.

  3. What happened to the mini-dog ... and the beard?

    The beard I can guess. Chick made your grow it and you got tired of it or you grew it and chick got tired of it. Oldest story in the world.

    I know you like bad-ass clips ...

    Happy Holidays.

  4. That is bad ass. Beard had to go. I was starting to have to take care of it. BTW, my girlfriend thinks you and I are the same person.

  5. Aaron, I have seen Stepbrothers. It is hilarious. I want to live it.

  6. What gave us away? Cause she never sees us at the same time?

    Here's another bad-ass website we ... I mean you ... should check out

  7. And that's where it gets weird. I wrote a book about myself having DID about three years ago. Or maybe you did. You used to be able to buy it on the net. I searched for it. It's out of print. Oh well.

  8. Yeah, Netflix has a bunch of blueray. I need to "enable" it for my account, though. I don't know how many $$$ that means, though.

    Speaking of Step Brothers, do you have any tips for shoulder pain?

  9. Is there a shoulder pain joke in Step Brothers? What type of pain? Associated with any particular action?

  10. Only the funniest line in the movie.

    John Reilly punches Will Ferrell's brother in the face, knocking him out of the tree house and onto the ground. Brother hurts his shoulder in the fall.

    Ferrell sticks his hilarious mug through the opening in the treehouse and says, "Derek, you know what's what's always good for shoulder pain?" Derek says, "what?"

    Ferrell says, "When you lick my butthole."

  11. I think the double interview with Pam was the highlight.