Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kettlebell Snatch Corrections Pt. 1

This is a video I put together covering three basic mistakes I see often in the hard-style kettlebell snatch. Particularly if you have a snatch test coming up, you will want to ensure you aren't making any of these mistakes.


  1. I haven't shaved for a month or so and my KB technique has improved 10 percent, thanks Jordan!

  2. Another satisfied customer. Remember, a beard AND a mohawk automatically earns you a Master of Sport rating in kettlebell lifting.

  3. The jury's still out on the mohawk. The power of the beard cannot be questioned, however. Keep working those bent presses. A few things that helped me move up to heavier things that you might want to try...
    1) Pistols with weight in the rack position--it's much harder, it will make the counterweight pistol a total breeze.
    2) Heavy one arm jerks to get accustomed with heavier weight. Nuff said.
    3) You will be able to bent press the beast in very short order, trust me.

  4. Thanks Max, those are all solid suggestions.
    I've tried some pistols in the rack and have noticed the increase in difficulty.