Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm going through changes...

My body composition is changing and it's interesting. The steel bending and heavy work combined with snatches, jerks, and other kettlebell feats has brought me to a square 170 lbs. settled down from my recent peak to 175.
I tried to take down a 5x1/4 inch piece of steel today. Got it to about three inches between the ends, but it stopped me. I can now bend a yellow nail while carrying on a conversation. While training I'm bringing my hands closer together as mentioned by Dave Whitley Senior RKC to focus on the wrist/grip strength connection. When it comes time to take down a bigger piece of steel I move back to the ends and attack.
Adam Glass was kind enough to send me some slowed down videos of horseshoe bending, so that's up next as well as some more sledgehammer leveraging.
If you've been following it I have moved my training log to the Dragondoor forum.
Here it is.

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