Monday, March 9, 2009

Kai Pulls 357 lbs. and my 55 reviews.

Even when it's about someone else, it's still about me. :)

I've been working with Kai for a while now helping him prep for the TSC and he has made amazing leaps forward in his strength and endurance. Right now he is on track to hit 100 snatches in 5 minutes, pull 385 (my prediction) and hit 15 pull ups.
Last Friday Kai came in to Girya and successfully pulled 357 lbs.

In other news I recently hit 55 reviews on my RKC instructor page, bringing me ever closer to the top 10.
Don't be shy about putting in your two cents. Just remember, I only want to hear good things.


  1. Jordan,

    Thank you for everything! I still can't believe how strong I am at this point. All weekend I was just shaking my head at where things are now.

  2. When i read that first line, i busted up laughing.

  3. Adam, it's true.
    Kai, I was shaking my head too. I'm going to have to start handicapping you so that you don't pull more than me.