Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ripping Bikes

When I started tearing playing cards I must admit to being a little bummed that I couldn't take out the whole deck. I worked my way up to 35 cards and was stonewalled a little. I knew Adam or Jedd or someone was coming out with a resource on card tearing, so I decided to put it aside until then.
Jedd Johnson recently put out an e-book on card tearing so I picked it up. The first thing to hit me went something like this: "Trying to start out tearing decks of Bicycle playing cards is rough as they are one of the toughed decks of playing cards to tear in the world."
I went to my desk and pulled out the deck of playing cards I had been tearing.
At least I feel a little better now.


  1. Yes it is really tough to start that way, imagine some one's first day lifting a kb and they wanted to play with the 40kg for BUP and Snatches-would not go so well.

  2. Wait... I wasn't supposed to learn to snatch on the 40 kg? That explains a lot. :)