Thursday, February 28, 2008

This time and place...

So many random actions brought me to where I am today. Mostly, I hold Jeff Martone responsible.
Back in early 2007 I bought Hand 2 Hand kettlebells off of Jeff's Tactical Athelte site. I was particularly interested in his pull up combinations. So I was banging out all these weird moves jumping up into pull ups in-between when- Snap! I tore a tendon in my right hand. I wouldn't say I'm tough as much as dumb and proud, so of course I tried to walk it off despite the agonizing pain.
Then troop surge came, I got a phone call, and then I'm at Camp Roberts CA in the 143rd Task Force with a one way ticket to LSA Anaconda Iraq, otherwise known as Mortar-ita-ville. I'm not kidding.
I try to avoid griping too much, so there I am rocking out at Camp Roberts, eating two hot dogs a day from the base vendor because the food sucks so bad, trying to ignore the finger which is quickly becoming my entire hand.
So I go on an assault course and pull a shoulder roll straight out of a John Woo movie and slam that same finger. Snap!
Now it's serious. Problem is that the unit had more than enough soldiers, so they've been cutting loose anyone who steps forward with a hang nail, and by the time they realize they're running short, it's too late. Now no one leaves.
So I make it all the way to Pre-Dep in Fort Dix New Jersey. Remember the story about the terrorist wannabes plotting to attack Ft. Dix? Yeah, that was right before I left for Ft. Dix.
So I'm rolling through medical screening when I get pulled. Long story short, I'm back on a plain to CA. That's fine with me. I'm in no hurry to make friends with an IED. Going to Kosovo in '99 was annoying enough.
So I'm back in SF. No money, no place to live, no job, nothing. Shortly I'm training clients in the park that I've recruited off of Craig's List with a beat up 16 kilo kettlebell and bodyweight exercises. Gradually I get a few clients back from my Equinox days, but for the most part I'm just rebuilding. I'm couch surfing, training in the park, but I'm not getting shot at, so...
I order more kettlebells. I recruit more clients. I find a dance studio in Mountain View that will let me train there durin goff hours. I'm driving around with a car full of kettlebells and a wallet full of nothing. I am working 18 hours a day all told and trying to figure out exactly where this is going. I know I don't want to go train in a 'by the hour' personal training gym. No hit on those cats, it's just not my thing. I need a home. A couple people step forward and generously offer to bankroll my facility. That's awesome, but I really need to make a strong effort to do this on my own.
ONe day a client and friend Cindy Glass RKC tells me that Mark Reifkind told her to have me contact him regarding training at Girya.
Wow, there's two guys around here named Mark Reifkind who have a training facility called 'GIrya'? Because I know it's not the Senior RKC who tortures people on the foam rollers.
Oh, but it is.
Then I'm training at Girya. Then I'm assisting Rif at a Kettlebell workshop at Axis Personal Training.
Then the other day I order a book from the Diesel Crew and Jedd Johnson compliments my website and links my blog. Check it out.
Hey, to me that's like finding your name in the liner notes of a Pantera CD.
So here I am, and it keeps getting better everyday.
Thanks Jeff. Oh, and Vanessa, Cindy, Rif, Tracy, Joe, Bert, Todd, Jedd, and everyone else involved who I may have forgotten.
The below shot is from Camp Roberts in 2007. Obviously having a ball.


  1. Excellent site! I also found this from Jedd's blog, and I will now be reading this daily.

    -Rick Walker

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Rick. Welcome to my blogosphere! :)

  3. Jordan,

    some things are just meant to be!its great having you at Girya and being apart of this whole thing.I was waiting for the right guy who wanted to build his business out of girya; it only took five years!Can't wait for you to go through the RKC and see what you think then! It tends to change people a bunch. Now, not as much as what you've done before in the military( and thank you so much for your service!) but in it's own unique way.
    great photo of you- that's seriously bad ass.

  4. Thanks for the sentiments Rif. When I was taking the photo i was thinking "This will be bad ass." :)

  5. Jordan,
    I finally have entered the blogshpere. Additionally, I bought a new digital video camera, so stuff should be public shortly.


  6. Hey brother,
    awesome blogh.

    you talk my language.

    "Some people just play with kettlebells, and some of us go up against them like we're wrestling King Kong on a caffeine jag."

    I'll be checking out your blogh regularly if not daily.

    I already picked up some good tips and i love how you mention you have a heavier strength component than some other training methods. I don't want to know how to lift a itty bitty weight or kb for volume,
    i want to know how to move some big weights then jump on a sled then jump back on the kb or hit a heavy bag or slam a sledge.
    Would love to hear more workouts or strategies on training for combat sports(h8 to use the new in word).

    Having trained in military gyms and a semper fit for about 10years there was possibly a dozen guys who had a clue fewer who saw the short term and long term picture.
    You are up there brother. good to see a devil dog who knows his stuff. keep up the good work.

    You rock...


  7. Jordan

    I was at Anaconda from Agust 2005 to March 2006, We had incoming daily, so times up to 25-30 mortars in one day. Had one explode 15 M from my shack over in H-6 (By the C-23 pad) I had a piece of sharpnal lodged in my roof for a week, they wouldnt let me send it home :(

    Hey man site looks great, i am linking you to my blog today

    Adam Glass

  8. Welcome to the Sphere Tom! That's great about the camera, it'll be very useful for form corrections. I'm also going to send you some things this weekend.
    Peregrine, I appreciate the positive feedback. I'm right there with you on the issue of variety in combat sports training (and my disdain for the trendy new names) as I can't stand being bored by a workout. I'm working on some stuff (videos and written) to help people improve their Combat Conditioning programs, particularly if they're heading for true mortal combat or street fighting, which needs a heavier strength and resiliency component than MMA. in MMA you need bulletproof cardio as you may have to go 25 minutes, but I never saw a street fight last 25 minutes (and there are no weight classes), so if I have to choose strength and power or cardio to take precedence, strength and power win. Like my old Sifu said, ears come off pretty easy, but for everything else you need to be strong.
    Adam, thanks for your service and for venturing into harm's way as often as you have. I dig your blog and your approach to training, so the recognition is awesome.
    BTW, I have my bending e-book from the Crew, so I'm ready to go!

  9. lol, 'ears come off pretty easily'

    thats freaking funny.

  10. If I could pick a little brother, he'd be you. I'm really excited about all the good things that are happening to you. Super proud of you.

    But, you can leave my ears right where they are. ;-)

  11. I'm going to wear your ears on a necklace like Dolph Lundgren in Universal Soldier.