Friday, June 5, 2009

A 95 pound pistol, pressing two 32 kg. kettlebells, and taking off the brakes

This past week I military pressed two 32 kg. kettlebells for the first time. I recall when I first tried doing this they didn't move an inch. I was pretty surprised they went up this time. I did it twice, and the second time was easier than the first. The 40 kg. is coming.
I also pulled off a Pistol with our 95 pound kettlebell. To my surprise it was actually Beast Legal in terms of touching the hamstring to the calf. However on the way back up I almost lost the bell and it got ugly. I think it's now more of an arm strength challenge for me to hold it out vs. leg strength.
I've been really delving into CK-FMS and all things flexibility lately as I know my poor shoulder mobility and anterior pelvic tilt are probably the main things holding me back in regard to pressing and pistols. I did an FMS today and was a 15/21. I probably shouldn't be allowed to walk down the street without someone holding me up. :)
I'm going to have someone else do this in the next month as you cannot FMS yourself. However, as I'm practicing the procedure I fired up two video cameras at different angles and did the best I could. It'll be interesting to see how on the money it was when someone else does it.

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