Friday, June 19, 2009

I teach the snatch in six minutes and fifteen seconds.

First let me clarify that this is not a race, and I don't intend it to turn into one. This is solely about efficiency. At one point I was being goofy and said I could teach a monkey how to snatch a kettlebell in five minutes. Well what about a person? Was I just full of it or could I actually get it done in five minutes?
Today I had one of my newer clients in, and it was time for her to learn the snatch. So what the hell? I fired up the video camera and timed myself.
In retrospect I think if I had just started her on the 12 kg. I would have been under five minutes. You see some instances where the twenty pound bell is clearly too light for her.
I have embedded the video below, as well as the following seven minutes where we refined the movement and hit it for reps.
Below that I have embedded my original videos where I demonstrate how I teach the snatch. The sound sucks. Sorry.
I do want to point out that there is nothing new here. This is all stuff I've learned from the RKC. I may cue a little differently, but I'm playing the same game everyone else is.

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