Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snatch PR- 32 kg. 20R/20L

Today I hit 20 reps each arm on the 32 kg. I took a short rest between the two. In retrospect I should have gone for 25/25 and canned the break. This was relatively easy. A big difference from last time's lopsided attempt.

This is the previous one. I remember that I was breathing like a race horse after this one.


  1. Dang diggity, you looked like you wanted some more at the end there. Nice illustration of what training does. Looks like you goofed up your paw. Thanks for the post: inspiring.

  2. Excellent job. I'd say 20/20 with no rest is a good goal. You lost me when you mentioned 25/25.

  3. Who knows. Let's see how many I can crank out before my hand comes off.