Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exciting stuff for the DVD

I'm waiting on the transfers from the copy place to get into the editing as I write this. Now is the point of DVD production where I would normally be opening my wallet a lot for sound, editing, DVD packaging and design, but... I'm a multitasker! Now is where my ADD finally pays off since I've already done editing jobs with Final Cut, I have a stack of original music I've recorded over the years, and in a previous life I was a graphic artist and did a lot of project layout.
Unless something causes this to change the DVD will be available in three formats.
1. The physical DVD. I'm not sure on this, but the DVD will probably also include a compressed file for use on the iphone.
2. Downloadable files to burn your own DVD. Don't want to wait for delivery and want to save $5? Download the files from my site and burn your own.
3. Downloadable quicktime movie. Cheaper still, and not the quality of the DVD, but fast delivery and... did I mention cheaper?

If you have a website, mailing list, or blog I am going to be setting up an affiliate program where you can make money by simply putting up a link for this DVD. If you would like more information on this e-mail me jordan@averagetoelite.com
Put 'Affiliate' in the subject line.

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