Monday, June 1, 2009

A new barbell and big stuff on the horizon

This weekend I picked up a new 1500 pound test barbell that I found on craig's list for $125. Good deal.
I've also been handed the ability to bring something to fruition that I conceptualized a long time ago and have been gradually working on since then. I was just suffering from a technology/ability gap that kept it from happening. I'll keep you updated as the release date approaches. Some of you may be left thinking "So... what?" Well, it's cool to me. :)
Training is going well and I'm full steam ahead with KJ's Beast Tamer protocol. I am practicing more intelligent loading this time and will be gradually building up and dropping back using volume and intensity.
I've definitely had to put aside the ego lately and deal with the reality of the numbers. I had a grueling TGU session with a 16 kg. on Saturday that put me in my place. The same thing that affects my presses on my left side inhibits a full posting of both ASIS to the ceiling when doing get ups with my left hand, so I'm working through that. Like Grey said, I don't need any more resistance, I have plenty in my own body to work against.
It's important to suck it up sometimes and deal with reality. I see people who don't make any real observable progress, but have a million excuses for it. I've seen a real trend toward randomized training, and I'm going to call a dog a dog here and say it's pretty convenient that you have no way to measure progress. This isn't a crossfit bash, because crossfit does have a way to measure progress. You have the Crossfit Total (which I like), you can compare Fran times, whatever. That works. What I'm saying is if you don't establish some manner of testing yourself that can be compared against past results how can you know you're progressing? You can think you are, but do you really know?
I guess part of this is to beware of making up workouts too often. As in ever, in my opinion. I design workouts based on study and experience. There is a system to this type of thing, and the idea that you can just come up with something off the top of your head and get the same results you would if you put time and study into it is just a little silly, and let's face it: offensive.


  1. Jordan,

    If you need a hand with any of the technical stuff I'm willing to help out. I'm Dermanus on the DD forum.

  2. Damn man -- when are you going get your video out!? I have watched your YouTube clips religiously and can say that you are a righteous instructor. Know that your efforts make a difference to many people.

  3. Iain- thanks for the offer. Right now I think I've got it locked down, but you'll all be able to judge for yourselves in a few days.

    Lolanose- I am the king of broken promises. However, I am currently working on the outline and need only to secure a camera to get the show on the road. I estimate 2-3 months.

  4. jordan

    I wish you would have told me you needed a barbell. I would have given you the york barbell at girya. plus I have another two texas power bars at stones I could have given you. let me know if you want it( if you can take theother one back) or you need another one.


  5. Thanks for the offer Rif. I should be good. I would have only really kicked myself had I bought it new.