Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cycle of training and nailing the pull up

Just a little training update on my slow march to the Beast Challenge. I feel I've really nailed the pull up consistently now. It only took me 13 years.
I had to drop to bodyweight for my high volume pull up day, but that turned out to be the right move. Today I feel like someone actually tried to rip my lats off my body. Not just the upper lat but all the way down my back. 80 pull ups will do that to you. So if you're doing pull ups and you don't feel your lats, that might be a good indicator that you've got some work to do. I think I'll pull the 32 kg. within a month or so.
My cycle of training this time out is going much better. I've set my ego aside and dropped the weight where necessary. Everything is strong and I seem to be hitting PR's bi-weekly.
This coming week I'll be getting serious again with my steel bending and card tearing. After my rampage of PR's culminating in a 60 card tear and bending 50 Sixty Penny nails in a row I backed way off. Now I'll be working on Grade 5 bolts and harder decks of cards. I'm consistently tearing decks of Motor Brand playing cards now, I just can't quite quarter them.
I've been working my suitcase deadlifts as well, and am hitting 135 lbs. each hand for three easy reps. Time to bump up the weight.

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