Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Announcing the Hard-Style Kettlebell Certification

The Hard-Style Kettlebell Certification is a new Cert just announced by Dragondoor. This is a one day cert based on getting trainers and average folks safe with kettlebells via a thorough grounding in the basics. Furthermore the cost of this one day cert will be deducted from your RKC cert should you choose to attend. I think this is a great move as it will be much more widespread than the current RKC. Plus, let's face it- There are a lot of trainers out there who just can't make it through the RKC, yet will still use kettlebells with their clients regardless. This is a way for them to learn the basics from the best without feeling like they have to go through the 'gauntlet'. I'm just guessing, but I bet you'll see an HKC popping up somewhere near you soon.

Click here for more details.


  1. So will people who do the HKC be looked down on as not being good enough for the RKC? Personally I would be careful in promoting it that way. It might discourage people from taking the HKC.

  2. Nikki: I think it will.

    Formosa: No one is marketing it that way, and that's an odd perception to have. If anything the HKC is seen as a stepping stone to the RKC. Sort of a way to get your feet wet before you take the plunge.