Sunday, June 1, 2008

5 minute snatch test- 98 reps

Okay, actually i hit a hundred reps, but the last two were just over the line, so I didn't count them.
There were probably a lot of 'no counts' in this video, but I let it go as I am the judge as well as the competitor in the Guerneville, CA 2008 snatch classic.
Conditions were not optimal as I had to keep checking the time, had just finished a hard workout, and other factors as well. Overall I can't complain though.
I am clearly not as distressed as I was during the TSC, and I didn't feel the strength component lacking as I did then. The killer this time was cardio.
I ripped out over 50 snatches in the first two minutes, which was the plan. complete fifty percent of the goal in the first two minutes. Goal was 100 snatches, mission accomplished. The killer for me is minute three. It's this weird no-man's land where I still have so far to go, but am not fresh anymore.
I'm going to start doing regular two minute snatch sets and five minute tests once a week. I feel like it's in me to keep that initial pace, I just have to work at it. The 140 goal is achievable.
I'm approaching this whole thing from an analytical perspective. It's just a puzzle that must be solved by aligning all of the pieces in the correct manner.
That's all it is. That's all anything is.

You eagle eyed viewers will notice my display of a Hello Kitty car mat at the beginning. Spetsnaz used these while training in the field in the 80's while fighting their Afghan campaign against the Mujahideen.
Not really. I pulled it out of my girl's car so I wouldn't drop my bell on the concrete.


  1. Do 3-minute sets instead. 2 is not enough.

    Then, train so you don't put the bell down the entire time. Picking that thing up again is positively the hardest thing you can do.

    Once you can do that, play some happy music. Hardcore is overdone to the point it's not even cool anymore. Play some Smokey Robinson or Marvin Gaye instead. Sexual healing ~ oh yeah, baby.

    Nice job kicking your own ass. Trust me, train for 5 straight, non-hard style, and you'll eclipse this number.

  2. Thanks, I'll keep that all in mind. I'm tweaking the 2 minute concept, and I'll throw some 3's in there. You're right about the GS being more efficient, I just have to actually do it.

  3. thanks Rif. Hopefully when you achieve it you won't collapse and see little pink ponies dancing around you like I did.

  4. no, I'll just probably cough up a lung AND a hairball,lol. damn cats :))