Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sandbags, kettlebells, and pull-ups.

I've been carrying a pretty serious left elbow annoyance for a couple of years now. A holdover from the days of heavy skull crushers. It's pretty much kept me from ever really training pull ups as picking up my toothbrush feels like someone is stabbing me in the elbow, so clearly pull ups are out.
Over the past few weeks between the Zyflamend and Tumeric, myofascial release on a particularly cranky left triceps, and stretching I am nearly pain free. for the first time I can really bang out the pull ups at will, so I'm anxious to see how close to the old max (28) I can get, 8 years later and 25 pounds heavier of course. :)
Below is a video I put together of a sandbag and kettlebell snatch combo I put together. This is particularly useful if you have to throw strikes and drive back to your feet under duress, and applies well to the tactical operator who must work from disadvantageous positions.

I don't know what the deal is with youtube. When I load these things up they work fine, then the video goes out of sync.

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