Sunday, June 15, 2008

My reviews on Yelp!

I dig my reviews on yelp, and think that they're pretty dead on. Especially the part about me being a 'Sadistic Jack Ass'.

Average To Elite Training Systems

We went down to round rock beach on the coast the other day, so of course I decided to take an inspirational picture. :)
It's a start. Someday that right foot will point straight ahead like it's supposed to.
There's another good one of me looking doubtfully at a different rock and doing the mental arithmetic regarding the odds of me doing a header into the ocean while trying to do a pistol on a slippery ocean rock. After mentally recalling advice that I stop trying to snatch kettlebells out of my pay grade I chose the better part of valor, and opted for a more stable rock.


  1. nice dude. and sadistic jackass sounds reasonable,lol :))

  2. Thanks Rif. If I hadn't already branded A2E I would definitely use 'Sadistic Jackass Training Systems'. I could get an image of a braying donkey.

  3. Jordan,
    Thanks for the visit to my blog the other day. I agree, learning the hook grip is probably easier out of the clean than the snatch. Any particular advice for using the hook grip with a corkscrew descent?

  4. Hi Matt. Same principle applies in regard to hooking it in the corkscrew. If I'm not trying to snatch quickly I use the corkscrew as I can unload my hand through a greater portion of the descent. What I have found is very useful is to not try to tug the bell or control it's descent until I start to turn my thumb back at the bottom. I am moving with the kettlebell, not trying to move it. Same sort of principle as on the way up. I should have virtually no pull from my arm, the hips snap and the bell effectively 'floats' up and pops over the top or around the side dependent upon what style I'm using. The only time my grip gets worked is on the very lower portion of the descent.
    Also look at how your handles are prepared. I've found the coating that comes on the dragondoor bells is tacky and causes more problems than it solves. I sand it right off and it makes a huge difference.
    BTW, which RKC are you going to?

  5. Jordan,
    Thanks for the tips. I have been sanding my handles for a while. I also think it makes a big difference. I have also been using paraffin wax on the handles which I also like very much. Prior to your post, I had been trying to figure out the hook grip on my own and was actually getting very close. I had been using the corkscrew the majority of time. Since your post I have been doing the hardstyle descent and my hands are great. Last night I did a 5 minute SSST hardstyle and really noticed that my grip was the rate limiting step. My conditioning was fine, but I think my grip would give out prior to 10 minutes.
    I am heading to the September RKC in Minneapolis. Have you gone through the RKC? Will you be there in Sept? I think I saw that Rif is coming.

  6. Great work on the five minute test, I read that on your blog. Something that really prepped me well was that before I started snatching a lot I had been doing a lot of grip work. Also, stretching your forearms whenever you have a second and stretching them out well before your sets makes a huge difference in your ability to persevere. To my understanding they teach a pre-stretch at the RKC. I have not yet attended, and will be going to the August RKC in L.A.