Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missed it by this much.

Today I went for a new deadlift max- 407 lbs. I have to say it came off the floor without much protest, but I was stopped a few inches from lockout. I hung in there for a while, but crossed that line where I knew it wasn't moving. Certain training factors today may have messed with my ability to lock out, but at the end of the day it just didn't go up. I know what I have to do to rectify this, and so alterations in programming will reflect that necessity.
I also know my form went down the pipes about halfway through the pull. Mainly this was due to a lot of sloppy pulling during the last cycle, yanking the weight up just because I could. In the future I need to prepare myself mentally and treat every pull no matter how light in the same manner as I would treat a maximum pull.
On the upside I hit my first rock bottom pistol with a 16 kg. bell. Greasing the groove on the pistols and one arm push ups every day is helping me to master the full body tension I need to maximize my deadlift. Coming out of the bottom of the 16 kg. pistol I could feel every muscle firing off, and was surprised to feel how hard my left quad extended out front fired. I'm working in more variety with the one arm push ups. One arm push ups with elevated feet, one arm/ one leg, and one arm divebombers are all on the menu. I am diligently working on bringing up the left side.
I also tried something I read in an article by Adam Glass- Gooseneck pull ups. Instead of grabbing the pull up bar you gooseneck your wrists and hook them over the bar. This was a whole different deal than a regular pull up, and pretty challenging. Only one this time, but I'll work on them.


  1. You'll nail that deadlift in time. I missed a 405 recently, after I thought I had that weight in the bag. Strength can vary greatly with that particular lift from day to day.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Aaron. I'm going to take another swing at it when I get back from the RKC in August.