Monday, June 30, 2008

Cindy Glass RKC II

This morning I received a burning missive from 30,000 feet (ok, probably from the airport) that Cindy had passed her RKC level II in what turned out to be something quite less than a cake walk. Cindy went in just barely recovered form the flu and a couple weeks short on training due to a less than optimally timed vacation, but still crushed the RKC II like Alexander descending upon whatever country it is he descended upon. Except with kettlebells.
Oh, look who worked her way into the front row for the group photo. Orange shirt, down in front. :) My friend John Wild was also present, far left in the back row.

I found videos. :)


  1. Good technique....I can she why she passed!

  2. Yes Franz, Cindy has a laser sharp focus when it comes to her technique.

  3. What do you mean, "found" some videos? lol! Your welcome.

  4. Whoops, my bad. :) All apologies. My over-zealous nature got the better of me.