Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Max VO2 PR

I actually didn't intend to do this, but it happened anyway. Started out today with a 36/36 on the 20 kg. bell going for 15 reps per as usual. First set I locked it out after the 15th rep and looked at the timer.
I still had seven seconds left.
So I pretty much had no excuse for not kicking it up to 16 reps per set. After I realized I was going to make it to a respectable number of sets I fired up the video camera.
This was definitely hard, and the main negating factor was grip. I wasn't on my stretches like I should have been, and I know that makes all the difference.
I might actually start chalking too, if it's going to mean the difference between being a mutant and not being a mutant. We'll see.
Something else that certainly effected my grip was going hard-style all the way, up and down. I think I did a few corkscrews down when my grip started to fry, but only a few. I know I can snatch faster hard-style than I can GS, and I'm working on something, so we'll see.
Made it to 14 sets this time. Next time I'll go for the full twenty.


  1. With that much extra time, maybe you ought to go corkscrew for the whole thing.

    That was weird when your girlfriend came in.

  2. I have been using the corskscrew up until now. That's why I suddenly had so much time as I was snatching much faster. I'm working back and forth, so we'll see, but I am going to take your suggestions and use the corkscrew and keep the bell moving for my next 5 minute test.
    That was actually a burglar who walked in.

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  4. Looks like you handled her without incident.