Saturday, June 14, 2008

And various other things of that nature...

Not much to report at the present time. All is well. Progress snatching the 32 is going very well, and it feels pretty much like the 24 with the exception of some extra skin pinching while I find my grove. Ripped out a bunch of hard style snatches with it yesterday without issue. This was significant as I usually adopt the GS style to get through those sets. I'm definitely stronger in the movements. Often as I'm training clients they mourn the fact that they have to remember so many things while snatching. This might mean six points of potentially 13,452 separate things to remember while snatching. Of course it all depends on how far you want to go with it. I want to be un-human, so I have to remember more.
So much of it depends upon how you approach the implement. If you have even a thought in your mind that it's too heavy or you're going to get crushed, it will be and you will be. You have to approach it with a workman's like attitude. It's just a job you have to do. I forget off the top of my head who said that. I think it was Louie Simmons.
Found a cool website today
I'm a fan of well done websites, and he's a fellow Marine, so...
Oh, and I snatched the 44 kg. The form was practically a crime against kettlebells, but it worked. No more of that for a while. I need to get a solid 10-15 reps per side on the 32 before I return to the 40, and then up again. We'll see.


  1. "working mans approach" yup thats louie.
    and do be careful going soheavy you can't use good form. way easy to get hurt plus you build such bad motor patterns.
    good work overall. hey, did you see the adjustable gs style 16 kg bell I brought into the studio?

  2. Good advice. that's why I decided to rep out with the 32 kg. first before returning to the 40. I can see the potential for disaster there.
    I did see that, and figured it was adjustable when I saw the screw in the bottom. What's it filled with, sand? Pain and misery?