Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Max VO2 PR

Kind of. I sustained a benign tear on my right hand little finger deadlifting. Not a big deal, but I decided to stick with the 16 kg. this week to avoid opening it up any further.
I was planning on doing 20 sets of 36/36 at 18 reps per, but decided to bring it up to 19 reps as I was using a lighter kettlebell. The 19th rep made a difference and got me breathing a little harder, but not significantly so. I did 20 reps for a couple of sets and that was a much harder pace to keep. Once the tear heals I'll bring it back up to the 20 kg. and start trying to push the pace a little more. I'm not having any of the grip issues that I was having before as far as my forearms getting fired up. All is good.


  1. outstanding man, outtanding! 19 reps is HAULING ASS! well done

  2. Thanks Rif. I don't know how these people are doing 20 reps. Those two sets of 20 were blazing.