Wednesday, January 28, 2009

24 kg. Pull Up

Finally. Today I finally got the 24 kg. over the bar. I just cleared the bar with my chin, so it's not a 'tactical' pull up yet, but I'll get there. The point is I'm finally progressing. I'm not going to bother with video on this until I hit the 32 kg.


  1. Jordan, everything you do is tactical. It's tactical just because you did it.

    Good job with the 24. I find pullups to be an uphill battle always, and dreadful to train. I'd recommend only heavy singles if you're going for a heavy single.

  2. Thanks Aaron. I'm doing some tactical wine drinking right now. I've been doing GTG with the pull ups, but I do plan on sticking with the heavy singles when it comes to training time.