Sunday, January 11, 2009

Four blue nails in Ironmind pads

Today four blue nails went down like sweet, sweet muffins. All were done in ironmind pads, which is a good jump for me from the suede pads I was using. I find bending in the IM pads to be much harder. Below is the video. Watching it back is very useful as I saw many technique points I need to tighten up.

I've also started making solid progress in my pull ups again. Took the 20 kg. over the bar without too much trouble. I know I got it over the bar because I racked my chin on the way down. I'm really starting to nail down the pull up correction Pavel gave me.


  1. Are you wearing a bending belt during the first bend?

    You don't have to answer that question.

    What was the pullup correction Pavel gave you? I promise I won't share it with anyone who isn't reading this.

    You don't have to answer that question either.

    Nice job all around. What do you weigh these days?

  2. I'm wearing a super squats belt I use for pull ups. I was doing some pull ups. On a bar.
    The correction involved snapping into the hollow position at the bottom as a means of 'jump-starting' myself up over the bar. So I am effectively starting my pull up from my abdomen and popping up.

  3. Weight wise I'm probably around 170. I was up to 178 but it was wrecking my pull ups.